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Vinyl Flake

Vinyl flake systems are decorative, durable, hygienic and easy to maintain when used as part of the seamless flooring process. Suitable for indoor and outdoor areas. Vinyl flake is non-porous and a great alternative to tiles where grout can absorb unwanted contaminants. Additives can be added to the system to comply with slip resistance requirements. Turns your garage into a useful family entertaining area.

Spray on Fleck

Spray on Fleck is an exposed aggregate alternative that doesn’t break the bank. It can be applied to any concrete surface, transforming ugly old concrete areas to beautiful and decorative entertaining areas.

Epoxy Coatings

Plain epoxy – applied as an interior system, plain epoxy can give a high-end designer feel to any home with the outstanding chemical resistance, low porosity and strong bond strength.

Metallic epoxy – is a decorative, hardwearing and low maintenance surface, with a smooth glass like finish that has a unique and subtle sparkle.

Grind and seal

The concrete is ground down to expose the desired level of stone and then coated with a urethane top coat. Has an advantage over concrete polishing, as it is non-porous and it is easier to keep stain free.